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中文名 : 李宜玲

英文名 : Lee Elaine

生日 : 1月27日

国籍 Nationality : 马来西亚公民 Malaysian

种族 Race : 华裔 Chinese

性别 Gender : 女 Female

职业 Occupation : 艺人Artist、歌手Singer、作曲人Composer、配音演员Voice Talent

                                   声乐家Studio Vocalist、品牌大使Brand Ambassador

语言 Spoken Language : 华语、英语、粤语、闽南语、马来语

身高 Height (cm): 160 cm

体重 Weight (kg): 45 kg

星座 Horoscope : 水瓶座 Aquarius

个人简介 Resume

Certification and Accreditations

-Grade 8 Trinity in Vocal

-Grade 8 ABRSM in Piano

-Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons)



-First Single Released in 2014”萤火虫 飞” from the theme song of“闪亮的时刻”

-In 2016 AIM Chinese Music Awards”萤火虫 飞” was nominated as one of the Best Drama / Movie Theme Song

-Top 10 in TVB International Chinese Talent Singing Competition 2015

-2nd Runner-up in Astro Star Quest 2014

-Gold Medal in Hong Kong International Classical Competition

-1st Runner-up in National Classical Competition 2012 (Central Region)

-Top 40 Inspiring Youth in Southeast Asia


Professional Experience

-Main singer for “Sadhu of the Music” Concert 2016 in Esplanade, Singapore

-Opening singer in “Lee Hom Live in Malaysia” Galaxy 20th Anniversary Concert in Malaysia 2014

-Main Actress and Singer in “Tales in 4 Dialects the Musical” 2015

-Main Actress and Singer in “Above Full Moon Festival” 2015

-Main Actress and Singer in “Singing Market the Musical”2013

-Main Actress and Singer in “Paper Crane the Musical” 2012

-The youngest author “Malaysia Book of Records”

-Performed in “Astro The Golden Melodies” Concert 2017

-Performed in “Astro All Star In Love” Concert 2016

-Performed in “MY Astro嘻嘻哈哈喜洋洋除夕夜倒数晚会”2015

-Performed in “MY Astro 猴爷大盛年除夕夜倒数晚会” 2016

-Performed in “MY Astro大世界人人有转机除夕夜倒数晚会” 2017

-Performed in “Joyful Chap Goh Mei, Love In IJM Seremban 2 喜乐元宵,爱在新城” Concert 2015

-Participated in “MY Astro嘻嘻哈哈喜洋洋”Astro CNY Album 2015

-Participated in “MY Astro 猴爷大盛” Astro CNY Album 2016

-Participated in “MY Astro人人有转机” Astro CNY Album 2017

-Performed in National TVs and Ministry Culture and Arts (TV1, TV2, TV3, ntv7, 8TV etc.)

-Soprano in “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy” 2012

-Soprano in “Andrea Bocelli Live in Kuala Lumpur” 2012 together with Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Video Performance

-Elaine李宜玲 - 晨祷 (Live in Esplanade, Singapore)



-Lee Elaine - Farewell, My Love



-Elaine李宜玲【再见• 我爱的你】Official MV [HD]



-Disney's Moana - How Far I'll Go | Lee Elaine Cover (from Malaysia)



-Beauty and the Beast - Uriah徐凯 & Elaine李宜玲 (Cover) [English+Mandarin]



-光良 - 约定 Cover by Elaine李宜玲