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不出门也能出席研讨会 免费学习打造音乐事业


(Webinar),是很多创业者及生意人喜爱的平台,足不出户也能参与各行各业专才的研讨会。Serene Music Academy的院长Serene詹雪琳和Shaynon老师受到本地网络研讨会/课程网站

Founder Method 的邀请,在网上畅谈娱乐以及音乐行业的另类商业机会。两个研讨会是网上现场直播, 绝不是预录哦!所以千万不要错过!


Shaynon老师将与大家一起探讨在马来西亚新崛起娱乐职业 – 网络主播。老师将会为大家介绍中国其中一个网络直播平台,并会指导大家如何踏入这个行业,甚至传授赚钱小技巧。Shaynon老师的网络研讨会的直播时间表为28th October 2015(星期三)10am - 11.30am

Do you has artistic talents and wish to make money working from home targeting China market? Are you open to explore new unimaginable economic wave & revenue model as this platform is not the conventional way of making a living? Join us at Shaynon’s Webinar with Founder Method on 28th October 2015 (Wednesday), 10am to 11.30am. During the webinar, you will learn about:

1. What is

2. How to Make RM 3,000 per day from

3. Real Life Case Studies & Examples of Malaysians who had successfully made it

4. What Are the Skills, Equipment & Financial Needed to Start this?

5. What are the Steps for Individuals from Malaysia & Singapore to join Bobo

platform and start generating income?


Serene院长将与大家分享《如何打造自己的音乐事业》,除了分享其创业与守业之道,也会传授乐坛商业小秘密,打破“音乐不能赚钱”的迷思。此外,院长也会让传统家庭的父母与小孩可以更了解这个行业,并且对于音乐梦想这个课题进行良好的沟通。Serene院长的网络研讨会的直播时间表为28th October 2015(星期三),3pm – 4.30pm。

Are you vocally, musically & artistically inclined and wish to discover the business

& revenue model to grow your passion (full time or part time)? Are you parents who

are worried at your children's intention to build their career in music or artist

industry and wish to find out how will their children make a living from this choice

of non-convention life path? Or are you children who wish to build a business (part

time or full time) with your musical & artistic talent and wish to find an effective

way to communicate to your parents to gain their support? Join us at Serene’s

Webinar with Founder Method on 28th October 2015 (Wednesday), 3pm to 4.30pm. During the webinar, you will learn about:

1. Journey of Serene Cheam as an Entrepreneur

2. Various Ways to Build a Business & Revenue Model Based on Your Artistic


3. Top 3 Mistakes Artistic People Make That Keep Them Feeling Burnt Out & Put

Them Out of Business



1. 进入以下链接报名,并且填上基本资料:


Serene (英文)

2. 报名后将会获得特别email通知,让你轻松坐在家里也能出席网络研讨会。


For those who are interested in attending both webinars, kindly register yourself by

clicking into the links below, and you will receive an invitation email:

Shaynon (Chinese & English)

Serene (English)

Free registration! Live stream webinar! Wait no more! 

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