Renopia Malaysia


Some information about RENOPIA children piano

RENOPIA piano is designed in Korea, specially made and focus for young children. RENOPIA piano is highly reviewed by many parents and teachers in Korea as well as in many other countries in Asia, Europe, etc as a great children musical instrument.

The standard classical piano in the market are designed for fully-grown adults to play. Imagine a young child being faced with a physically demanding instrument — violins come in half and three-quarter sizes but pianos do not. Now with Renopia piano, built in smaller form, scaled-down structure that match the young child size. Children will not fear to sit at the piano anymore, instead they get excited with ‘is small, is mine piano’ and simply attracted to reach to Renopia piano and play it!

RENOPIA piano is made with quality hard wood and digital key-panel technology that produce true piano tone — something that other baby/children pianos or even some keyboards in the market do not have. Another merit of digital technology also means no piano string tuning is needed, making it simpler and saving some money to maintain the piano. The key panel has been thoughtfully designed — with slightly reduced key width and softer key touch for the little hands and fingers, yet it would still easily let them graduate to a full size adult piano later.