Production Profile


Yearly Profiles

Year of 2017

1. MRC《一家人》Character VO production
2. JINV Academy of Performing Arts Song Production
3. DMT Networks Phonics Voice Production
4. PMI Commercial Audio Production
5. 《Perfect Cadence Music School Camp》 voice recording for kids
6. TV2 《Hit Hop Trend 潮时代》VO Recording
7. 《LearningBoxKids》 Signature-tune Composition & Production
8. Ambank Token Guide VO Recording
9. 《创投达人》Film Theme Song 《定下个小目标》 Production
10. iTeam World Theme song programming《Yes I Can》
11. 2017清华大学国际生态文明论坛 《生态文明之歌》 Production
12. Aeon Big 5th Anniversary Signature-tune Composition & Production
13. MRC 3Q J3 Animation Sem 1 Character VO production
14. Accounterz2u 2018 Chinese New Year Song 《回家之旅》Production
15. Qigong For Life Health Managment 10th Anniversary《因为你,我的生命不一样》Production
16. Ambank Merchant Portal VO Recording
17. PictoryTale’s Christmas Song《Santa Claus Is Coming To Town》 Music Production 18. Witty Peas Child Care Centre Theme Song Production

Year of 2016

1. 《Aulora Jewelry》 Signature Tune 2. 《Accountant2u》 Chinese New Year Signature Tune 3. 《新年愿》Film Trailor Music Arrangement 4. Learning Box Voice Over recording 5. 《Telford》 Introduction Video Voice Over Recording 6. Kid Voice Over for 《Wall's March Campaign》 7. Sunsweet TVC Music Production 8. Voice Over recording and talent provider for Total Advisors Sdn Bhd 9. Voice Over recording and talent provider for MRC Education 10. IIC College Theme Song Production 11. 《Flavettes Vitamin C》 Voice Over Production 12. 《Accountanz Today》 Voice Over Production 13. 《Ah Cheng Laksa》 Voice Over Production 14. 《Yes Wealth Advisory》 Voice Over Production 15. 《Powertechnic》 Voice Over Production 16. 《Telford》 Voice Over Production 17. 《Wellcall Improvement》 Voice Over Production 18.《History Maker》Voice Over Production
19.《最强对手》李宗伟 / 林丹羽坛王者风范@全民LiVE Production 20. MyQuest Academy Nursery Music Production and Voice Recording 21. 温媁媁album's backing vocal arrangement and vocals recording

Year of 2015

1. Joyce Chu Music Production for China YouKu Video Promotion 2. 《Tenti》 Infomercial Voice Over Production. 3. Diamond Interested Theme Song 《金康梦》 4. 《头条》 (Headline) Film Scoring Production, include Songs composition. 5 .Backup Vocalist for 庄学忠 Album 2015. 6. MRC Programmes Voice Over production. 7. Learning Box Songs Production for Kids Music Movement 8. 《那个女孩》 (That Girl) Film Scording Production, directed by Jack Neo 9. MRC Maths Music Production and Vocal Recording 10. KLCP45 Group Recording and Production. 11. Smart Reader Voice Over 12. 邱翠雯《Aifm》电台ID 13. 《新年愿》 Film Scoring Production, include Songs composition.& 5.1 mix. 14. Voice Over Project for Dragonfly Educational Sdn Bhd 15. 《Xthehaze》 烟霾醒觉运动主题曲制作 16. 《Admall Eastern Fungus》Voice Over 17. 温媁媁album's backing vocal arrangement and vocals recording. 18. 《Money Mone Home》 Film Scoring Production, include Songs composition. 19. Voice over projects for Dragon Educational 20. Album production for Tan Mei Xin.

Year of 2014

1. 《Kinder Joy》Jingles Script Copy-writing 2. Music Production for《Supervoice》Celcom ESCAPE online TV singing competition 3. 《Kinder Choco》Jingles Script Copy-writing 4. 《MERS 99》Jingles SCript Copy-writing 5. 《Rainbow》Song composed for Pizza Hut Indonesia 6. Vocal Coach for SPMS MUSIC SCHOOL’s Pop Vocal Workshop 7. Music Arrangement for 《Kinder Rhythm》 Music Movement Syllabus 8. Vocal Production for《Learning Box》Music Movement Syllabus 9. Composed, Arranged and Produce《Fashionista》Theme Song for Fashion Music Malaysia(FMM) 10. Lyric writing for a Philippines singer, Philo and also feature in Vocal 11. Film Scoring & Theme Song composed for Movie Titled《Behind the Scene》 12. Film Scoring,songwriting and Recording for Movie Titled《Love Endures》 13. Translation of the advertisement for IGEM-5th International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia 14. Music Production for 99works Games apps《Colov》 15. Backing Vocals for Hong Kong Artist《Women’s Club House》Concert at Genting 16. Vocalist, Arranger of Phonics song for 《Learning Box》 17. Backing Vocalist for local artist 《Xiao Hei》 18. Compose and music Produce for Theme Song of《Kidsplanet》Kindergarten 19. Vocal Recording, and music arrangement for Joyce Chu online promotional video 20. Backup Vocalist for Yo Yo Chinese New Year Album 21. Backup Vocalist for Tang He Li Chinese New Year Album 22. Voice Talent Project for《MRC Joyful Schooling Program》 23. Backup Vocalist for Linda Chung Genting Live Concert 24. Background Music Production for《Raytech》Commercials 25. Lyric Writing for Chinese Version of《Melaka Alive》 26. VO Recording for 《Benithem》 Corporate Video 27. VO Recording for 《HT Group》 Corporate Video 28. VO Recording & Sign-off tune production for 《Tenti》 Corporate Video

Year of 2013

1. Mixing project of NTV7 Chinese New Year tele-movie trailers《Ju Bao Pen》 2. 《Smartkid Asia》Informercial VO Recording 3. 《My Music World》Cermalang Eduction CD Vocal Recording 4. 《Hexagon AA》Infomercial VO Recording 5. 《Kinerase》Infomercial VO Recording 6. 《Nutox Oxyfusion》TV Cormercial VO Recording 7. 候美仪2013 Chinese Album Backing Vocal arrangement and recording 8. Sound Design for 《Roll No 21》 Indian Cartoon 9. 《Las Vegas》Spanish Drama English Dubbing Project 10. Alson《Chasing Dream》Single Album Music Production 11. Cemerlang Publication《Dunia Muzik》SJK(C)Vocal Recording 12. 《Calsiyum》TVC Voice Over Production 13. Music Production for Bubbles Candies Chinese New Year Album 14. Script Writing for《Kinder Bueno》TVC 15. Lyric Writer and Backup Vocalist of《Magic Dragon》Animation Cartoon of China

Year of 2012

1. Backing Vocal for Hokkien Singer Peggy Haw’s Album 2. 《Lipice》TVC Music Production 3. 《Chan Furniture & Electrical》Chain Store Jingles Production 4. 《Oversea》TVC Music Production 5. Arranger for Julia Volkova “Prostye Dvizhenaya – Simple Motion” Live Concert. 6. Music Production for a Sitcom drama NTV7 -《Love Compulsory》 7. Music Production for a Reality drama by NTV7 -《The Game Launch at GSC 8. Composer for Sign-off Tune of《Baby Love》Diaper 9. Web Music & VO Production for《Yofresh》Taiwan Froggy Splash Milk Drink Specialist 10. 《Journey of forgiveness》Spa Music Album Production 11. Music Director and Production house for 《Big Orange Media》 12. Producer/arranger/composer/backup vocal/composer for Serene Cheam 《The Day after Tomorrow》

Year of 2011

1. Malaysia Usnisa Vijaya Buddhist Association CD production 2. Smart Reader《One Child One Hope》CD Production 3. Cemerlang Publication Text Book Music Production 4. NTV7《TimeFM》TV Drama Music Production 5. Recording of Malaysia Usnisa Vijaya Buddhist Association 6. Recording of World Vision Malaysia《30-Hour Famine》Project 7. Rinato《Loogy & Num Num》Cartoon Music Production for Astro Ceria 8. 《Mobile-Life》Magazine Audio Production 9. Face Platinum Suite Commercial Music Production 10. Dynamax Website Music Production 11. 《Love and Joy Learning development Centre》Education Institution Audio Production 12. 《Zel-V》Music Production for V-Star Theme song 13. Smart Reader《Daily Song for SRK》Music Production 12. Universal Music Publishing demo song Production

Year of 2010

1. Launch Serene Music students production,《Broadway Ringtone》 2. 《永香》Jingles Music production 3. AIM(Anugerah Industri Muzik)Judge for the best Chinese album 4. V《V Are Here》Album Production 5. Rozen Blade online animation music production 6. BPO-6G Water Filter System VO recording 7. Kok Demo Album production 8. Inventive Music School Education Music CD Production 9. Seimpi School Of Music Education Music CD Production 10. Launch Serene《I’m Not Solo》Sacapella Album 11. Serene《I’m Not a Star》nominated as《Best Song》in 2010 PWH Awards 12. Cemerlang Publication Text Book Music Production 13. 988FM Radio station CNY album backup vocali

Year of 2009

1. AIFM <爱管闲事>theme song producer/arranger/vocalist 2. Ear Training CD production for Serene Music Academy 3. Serene won 《Best Progress Singer》in Didadee Golden Awards 4. 《Blunnis》TVC Jingles Production 5. 《SAGE CHOICE》Documentary Music Production 6. 《INLA Natural Youth》Music Production 7. Taiping Buddhist Association’s 50th Anniversary《Hai Chao Hui》Music Production 8. 《Sweet Dream》TVC Jingles Production 9. 1 Malaysia Anti Smoking Campaign《Smoke Free》Producer/arranger/composer 10. Yeah Magazine Media Singing Competition’s appointed Music Academy 11. Dyuelife Online Media Singing Competition’s appointed Music Academy 12. Jia Kai《Na Han》Album Theme song backup vocal arrangement and vocalist 13. AIM(Anugerah Industri Muzik)Judge for the best Chinese album

Year of 2008

1. 《Ogawa Smart Mate》 TVC & Cinema jingles music production 2. Music Production for KEEP PERFECT Advance Screen Treatment Solution Promote Video 3. Warner Chapell (Taiwan) Karaoke song production 4. 《Cat in The Casino》 Shanghai Video Production 5. 《ABC Monster》International Cartoon Theme song composition and arrangement 6. 《Dooodolls》 promote video music production 7. 《Agro Bank》 Jingles music arrangement 8. 《Ogawa Modile Seat》TVC Music Production 9. Producer and Singer for a TV Drama by MediaCorp and NTV7《有你终生美丽》 10. 《Ogawa Olympic》TVC Music Production 11. Malaysia 1st Chinese Online Magazine Theme song Music Production and Singer 12. Produce and launch 《Im Not Solo》 1st Sacapella Album in Malaysia 13. Vocalist for《Welness Lab》Radio Ads 14. Vocalist for TM《i-talk》Radio Ads 15. 《Diamond》Radio Ads Music arranger & Vocalist 16. 《Zel-V Placenta》Music arranger and vocalist 17. Won《Best Song》in 2010 PWH Awards

Year of 2007

1. Arrangement of <Hao Si Xiang> in the album 《Danny2.0》 for local singer, Danny Wan 2. 《Sport TOTO》 Radio jingles production 3. 《Ogawa》 Chinese New Year TVC music production 4. Produce and launch my very 1st album 《Im Not Serene》 at South City Plaza. 5. Backup vocalist for an album by local Singer, Chen Xin 6. 《Celcom》Hari Raya TVC music producer 7. Music Rearrangement for the song <Di Nv Hua> for the performance of 988FM radio DJs at NTV7 Chaity show at Genting 8. Music Arranger of <Christmas is Here> for a Online-artist, Chris Seah 9. 《Mushroom》 TVC music production 10. Composer of the song <Dui Bu Qi Ni> for Project Superstar finalist, Orange in her Single Album. 11. Singapore 《EDULAND》 preschool theme song music arranger

Year of 2006

1. Arrange 7 songs in the album 《Qian Gua》 for local singer, Gary-famous 8TV host 2. Arrange 2 songs in the album 《Quan Cheng Xiao Ying》 for local singer , Dylan- also a famous 8TV host 3. Arrange 2 songs in the album 《Jing Guo》 for a local famous VO talent that coming up with his own album- Danny Tan 4. Co-arrange 2 songs wrote by local famous producer/famous judge for Superstar Project,Xiao Kang and will be release in his own album in 2008. Also, a part time arranger for his publishing house. 5. Backup Vocalist of 4 songs in the CNY album sang by local young group,Xiao Tian Tian 6. Arranger of the Theme song 《Satu Suara》 for PR Institut Perubatan Respiratori 7. Invited to be the only female vocalist to perform at a mini concert at Times Square,held by local band society-SoundWall 8. Backup vocalist for a live concert of Taiwan Singer, Maggie at SOGO. The Concert 《Ai Ku Gui》 is sponsored by redbox and held by AEC chinese entertainment TV program. 9. Arranger for KBSR standard 4,5,6 song books produce by Cemerlang Publishing Sdn Bhd 10. Music Arranger for a song titled <Feng Kuang Shi Jie>in the Movie of Local production 《Stranger》 screen at GSC,perform by local singer, Winson 11. Perform as a special guest for 《Leroy International》 at Putrajaya Convention Centre 12. Producer/Arranger/Singer of the 《100 Years Anniversary》 theme song for Confucius Independent High School 13. Backup Vocalist for the Theme song of Ministry of Women Malaysia 14. Arrange children songs for MiQuest Publshing 15. Resequece 6 cover songs for the album of a Hakka singer, Zhang Shao Ling 16. Lyric writer for a song in the album for a local Singer, Kuok Peng. 17. Composition <Yi Bu Bu Zou>is nominated as the best composition for D.I.Y album for the Chinese Music Biggest Award Ceremony-YuXie Awards 2006 18. Backup vocalist of a live concert for Singer,YuHeng at Times Square,Genting. 19. Arranger for the D.I.Y Album 《Xue Ye. Cheng》, produce and sang by Jasey 20. Producing background music for Maxis 3G services. 21. Background Music Producer for SAGE Interactive Sdn Bhd e-Learning 22. Singer for 《Fresh & White》 TVC and radio 23. 《Ogawa Koibito》 TVC music production 24. 《YuenChun》 Food Product Radio jingles music production 25. Singer and music arranger for 《Eubos》 Skin Care Product Radio Jingles 26. Singer and music arranger for 《Naturel》 Healthy Oil Radio jingles 27. Singer for 《Etsu》 facial product TVC/Radio jingles 28. 《Ogawa Celebrity Endorsement》 TVC music production 29. 《Singer(M)Sdn Bhd》 radio jingles compose

Year of 2005

1. Compose 2 songs <Will Be Alright> and <Yi Bu Bu Zou> for Christopher Lay Album . <Yi Bu Bu Zou> was use as the Theme song for a program by RTM Chinese radio station AIFM 2. Nominated by a local famous producer , Dennix Yeow as an artist to participate Bengkel Sahsiah Seni Siri 2 held by the government 3. Composition <Xin Gan Qing Yuan>,the best composition for the 《Sound of Human 2004》 was reproduce and sang by Taiwan Famous Singer, Ah Sang 4. Arrange a medley of 20 songs for the live performance of a local chinese singer, CYW at Nanyang Top 10 5. Fulltime Arranger for Avenue One Studio. Experience in arranging demo for Rynn Lim, China TV drama soundtrack and radio ID for local singers. 6. Arranger of <Ru Lian De Xi Yue>in the album 《Fa Yin Qing Liu》produce by University Malaya Buddhist Society 7. String arrangement of the song <You Ji> for Malaysia Idol Singer, Daniel Lee 8. Singer for 《TONG GARDEN 》 radio jingles music arrangement and singer. 9. 《Ogawa Fathers Day》 TVC music production 10. 《Cova Suites》 radio jingles music production

Year of 2004

1. Backup Vocalist for Jia Kai Single debut 《I Can See》 2. Backup Vocalist for Jia Kai 《Da Zou Kai Ge》 mini concert 3. Backup Vocalist for Singer,Yi Qi <5.6 Aperture> in his album of 《Thousand Miles Away》 4. Compose and Arrange the song <Distance>for the album 《Feel The Buzz》 produce by ICOM. 5. Arranger for KBSR standard 2 song book produce by Cemerlang Publishing Sdn Bhd 6. Female Vocalist for the album 《Deegie》 by Korean Singer,Kim Won Jong。 Song titled 〈Music Makes Me Fly〉and 〈Never Again〉. Serene was assign to compose 2 songs for his next upcoming album in 2007. 7. Backup Vocalist for the songs <Xiao Xin Yuan> and <Yu Zhong Bu Tong> in the album of a Local Singer,CYW 8. President of a 《Avenue Music Night》, a mini concert involving students of ICOM,UPM,UNITEN,MMU,UM and TARC 9. Producer/arranger/composer/backup singer for Muffin\’s 1st album 《Muffin》. Also the marketing person for this album. 10. Best Composition award for the competition of 《Sound of Human》, representing Malaysia to Taiwan for the final competition.Songs recorded in the album 《Sound of Human 2004》 11. Compose and arrange the background music for a CD use in a private tuition center 《The Power of Your Unconscious Mind》 12. 《Touch of True Happiness》Taiwanb version Sound of Human album,main singer for 〈Thanks Giving for Life〉

Year of 2002~2003

1. Acapella song arrangment for singer,Jia Kai for his song <南纬的风﹐北纬的雨> 2. Score Transcription for Singer, Jia Kai 《A Potrait of The Artiste as a Young Man》 3. Band Leader and Arranger for A Capella group,《Sound Blender》 4. Vocalist for 《Symphonia Child Development Music Album》 produce by Symphonia Academy

Year of 2018

1. Tashi Media Chinese New Year Song 《大喜一起旺旺旺》Music Production 2. MRC 《JSP Interactive Comic Episode 1》VO Production 3. PictoryTale《Party All Night》 Music Production 4. MRC 《3Q Animation J3》VO Production 5. 《Dinasour Kingdom》theme park theme song & station thematic Music Production 6. Maxis《OOkyo Theme Songs》Music Production

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